Your Ex Boyfriend – Why Ignoring Him Will Get His Attention

Think about the reason you are so confused by the behavior of your ex boyfriend. What is he doing that is making you crazy? He is ignoring you and acting like you no longer exist and he knows it will make you more desperate to get him back. If your senses weren’t clouded by your love for him and the fear that he may be gone for good, you would realize what he is doing.

Every time you send a text or try to call him, it makes him more comfortable because he knows you are still all wrapped up in him. As long as you have this obsession with your ex boyfriend, the longer it will take to get your ex back. Look at it from his point of view. He is sure of you and he feels he can come back to you whenever he chooses.

However the longer this goes on and the more chance he has of meeting and dating other women, the more chance you have of losing the man you love. This is what makes you so desperate and keeps your ex on your mind day and night. This is also why you are making the mistake of running after him and saying how much you love him.

To get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make him confused and unsure of you. Nothing will do that faster than ignoring him. Men are known to have a large ego and being ignored by their ex girlfriend is not acceptable to them. It can make him the butt of jokes from his buddies and lower his image with women. It is also something that he won’t expect you to do.

By suddenly walking away from him and start going out with friends, you will take him off guard. The element of surprise can gain an advantage in any battle and right now you are in the most important battle of your life. Your future with the man you love is at stake and you have to pull out all of the stops. Show him you don’t need him in order to have a happy life and his attitude will change fast.

Your ex boyfriend will be the one who is confused now because it will appear to others that you have dumped him. He will look for your text and phone call, but there will be none. At first he might think you are busy or playing a game, but as time goes on he will become worried. He will think you might have found another man and his imagination will run wild. He will see you in another man’s arms and realize that he has been a fool.

What has happened is, by walking away and ignoring your ex boyfriend, the breakup has been reversed. He is the one who is confused and desperate and he will do anything to get you back. Since he chased after you when the two of you first met, your ex will do what worked for him before and start chasing you again.

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