Monat Skincare Review I went into it watching a Instagram influencer, thinking that it would help my hair, well guess what, IT HAS MADE MY HAIR THINNER. I’ve followed all the steps, oiling my hair twice a week, using the hair mask. Even my aunt said my hair looked thinner. I promise you, follow those girls on insta who use natural oils and rosemary water for hair growth, that’s the real knowledge not this CRAZY EXPENSIVE hair care that has literally thinned my hair. Plus, if you look at the ingredients of Monat, you’ll see that their products have so many chemicals and that’s the WORST thing if you’re looking to grow your hair and make it thicker.

  • Overall, I still think my hair feels noticeably better with Surface’s products and slightly rougher with Monat’s.
  • Not only is this environmentally harmful, this process produces carcinogens like benzene and endocrine disruptors like phthalates.
  • Allow the product to fully absorb prior to applying your Monat serum and monat smoothing shampoo reviews moisturizer.
  • That alone would make it hard for anyone to afford shipping alone not to mention the products would need to be kept in your refrigerator.
  • I would think that if they didn’t use harmful fragrance or PEGs, they’d be happy to reach out to me to set the record straight.

This would be the first product you use in your skincare regimen.

The Foamy Cleanser would be used morning and night. And as with all Monat products, you only need a small amount, which is another great benefit of the monat s3 supplement reviews product line.


I used this very overpriced, expensive hair system to “solve” all of my hair problems from splitting ends to dryness and loss. In which it did nothing to fix any of it. I will give it credit for leaving my hair soft. But, the hair loss actually got worse … I guess this is why there is lawsuits active against the company …

Should have read more into those I guess.

  • Companies can ask for monat skin products reviews reviews via automatic invitations.
  • Was it replacement shakes, like most of my reviews?
  • Before using Monat, I struggled with hair loss and dull, lifeless hair.
  • From the beautiful packaging to the feel of the products, Monat truly upped their game.
  • Well, that stuff really cleans your hair!

These products are not ones that change your hair overnight. In fact- you may actually hate your hair in the beginning.

Some people go through a detox, some don’t. You have got to stick with it in order to see results- and it takes patience. That said, once you start seeing changes- that might be reason enough to stick with it. This is my progress with the EXCLUSIVE use of Monat products only for two months- I also had a two inch trim in between this time.

Beauty Review: Monat

So many prestige products that come highly recommended are filled with silicones and other nonsense that just mask hair problems, which is why I wanted to try something TOTALLY new.

You know how picky I am and I tend to be the odd man out with products too.