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Creating and crafting candle lights & fragrance for the world’s finest brands. PROGRESSED FRAGRANT CANDLE LIGHTS – Scented candle lights represent light and warmth. Purchase numerous fragrances and utilize in a single reusable liquid candle. Relaxing and Loosening Up Candle: These candle lights can assist to soothe the relieve stress and anxiety, developing mood, relief, and leisure for you and visitors, It is a really ideal aromatic candle for home usage.

Aromatherapy Deck for Vital Oils (lavender, our favored) or Home Scents plus Wind Protection. This scented female friendship present has a charming aromatic ambiance to evoke cold days while reminding you of your eternal soulmate. Candle Lights Establish for Stress And Anxiety Alleviation: Comes with Lavender, Sage, Lavender, Amber Sandalwood, Whether it’s Me-time relaxing with a publication or an elegant bathroom, discover the art of light and scent with our candle light and reward your routine.

With the PATENTED Firefly Zen Aromatherapy Glass Important Oil Warmer and Lamp, you can adjust the scent to your preference. Each candle light weighs aromatic candles near me 3.5 oz (L 2.4 inches x H 2.5 inches), about 20 to 25 hours making use of time, 6 candles totally 120 to 150 hours.

4Pack Amber Container Candles: Each candle light considers 7.1 oz (L 3.5 inches x H 2.8 inches), around 50 to 55 hours using time, 4 candles absolutely 200 to 220 hours. Hand blown, Single-Piece Glass Oil Lamp Including Wick, Light Weight Aluminum Collar and a Small Plastic Funnel for Easy Re-filling.